mommy – daughter weekend

Jayla recently enrolled in our local school. This is her first experience with school; homeschooling being her only previous experience. She was so excited about going, but after the first day she found it quite difficult to settle in. She was homesick, shy, unsure of herself, nervous. Of course she ended up getting sick with two different viruses in two weeks; so she missed quite a few days and that certainly didn’t help matters. Now into her third week of school she has attended every day so far this week (no more illness — knock on wood). She is making friends, and settling into the new routine wonderfully. I knew it would be a challenge. It has been difficult on both of us; after all we have spent 9 years together. It was time though, and we are very happy that we persevered. I am so very proud of Jayla, for all of her accomplishments thus far.

After such a challenging two weeks we really needed this little time away at one of my favourite places in the whole world — Thirteen Moons Women’s Retreat — to spend some time away from home and to reconnect with one another in this peaceful, beautiful environment.


candlelight fair

On the weekend, Jayla and I attended the annual Candlelight Fair at the Toronto Waldorf School. We have been attending this fair for several years now. My favourite part is the puppet play. This year it was an african folk tale called Akimba and the Magic Cow; a story of a poor man who repeatedly loses his magic animals through the trickery of his friend, and the friend gets his payback in the end in quite a humorous way. What a treat to hear all the little giggles coming from the front of the room at the end of the play.

Another treat for us that day was that friends of ours arrived and spent the day with us. The last we heard they were not going to be able to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise for us that they were there after all.

Many of the children’s activities are for the “children only”. No parents or guardians allowed. We big people have to wait outside the room and wonder about the magical goings-on inside. Each year I try to get Jayla to describe it in more detail. She did three activities this year: visiting with the Good Witch and receiving a cookie, walking through the magical Woodland Pond and receiving a gift from the Princess of the Pond in exchange for the gift of dewdrops from the children and shopping in the Children’s Corner.

Here are a couple of photos of the goodies that Jayla purchased in the Children’s Corner shop.

And every year we end our day in the little woods behind the school. This is where the children who attend the school play every day. What a magical place.

Now we just have to wait a whole year to do it again.

weekend with my girls


My oldest daughter began university this fall. Yes, university. I can’t believe I have a daughter that is old enough to be attending university. We are all very proud of her accomplishments and she is very much enjoying post-secondary education thus far.

This weekend Kiera came out for a visit. She is currently staying with her grandparents who live closer to her school. So, when she is able to, she comes home and visits with us. This was one of those weekends.

Saturday was spent doing a variety of things – Jayla had an art workshop; Lianne had rehearsals for a school musical she is in; the dog went to a rabies clinic to get her vaccination and the rest of the time we just hung out here at home.


On Sunday, the girls and I met up with my parents at Lang Pioneer Village for the day. It was the annual Applefest there. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but we had a fun time anyway.


poor little Will


Our little kitten, Will, was bitten by our dog over the weekend after Canada Day. We didn’t see what happened between them, but we heard it and went running to find the dog laying guilty on her bed and we had to follow the trail of blood to find the kitten cowering under the side table beside the sofa. He had a bite to the forehead and also to the side of the nose, just missing the eye. He was also bitten on the upper arm and has 2 fractures there. I really didn’t think he was going to make it through the night; he looked really badly hurt. He did and he is continuing to recover and heal. He will be going to our local vet to get a new cast put on on Tuesday – the one he has on in the picture is a temporary one. This all happened at 11:45pm on a Saturday night and we had to drive quite a distance that night to find someone that could care for his injuries. I later found out that our local vet is available 24 hours – 7 days a week. Ugh!

photo shoot

This weekend a dear friend of mine did a photo shoot with my three girls. The location was the beach. Sebrina is an amazing photographer and the most amazing part is that she just began last summer. She captured my girls exactly as I had hoped. Their personalities and beauty shine through in the photographs. And the best part — it was so much fun.

Just look at the results.





ode to my mother


just when the
thought the
world was over,
it became
a butterfly.
– proverb

Happy Birthday Mom!
I Love You.

**edited to add:
this photo is from my mothers’ birthday celebration this year. i mailed out these butterflies to friends and family, i asked them to decorate the butterflies and write messages on them and then mail them back to me in time for her birthday and then presented her with them on that day. she was so surprised and thrilled.

favourite places

For the past few days – from friday to monday – i was blessed to be able to spend some time at one of my favourite places.

Thirteen Moons


On friday I arrived for dinner and then participated in the drumming circle. If you have never been to a drumming circle before, here is a definition and explanation from the Thirteen Moons website:

“Discover the healing properties of a drumming circle! Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to drum, dance and connect with one another as a community. Drumming circles offer an excellent way for women to explore their own personal rhythms while sharing in the spirit and song of the drumming circle. Thirteen Moon’s full moon drumming circles use rhythm as a meditative and therapeutic activity. Everyone can participate regardless of musical background.”


And if dinner and drumming wasn’t enough, I spent two nights here in this beautiful space. There is something so healing about going to sleep when the day is done in total darkness – no street lights or artificial lights of any kind. Just moon light and star light. Then waking up naturally as the day brightens and to the sound of the birds singing. It seems so simple, but the healing benefits are so profound.


One of the trails leads to a labyrinth on the property, and each day I walked the labyrinth with a specific intention that I would meditate on as I walked it. Whenever I enter with a challenge or question I always come out feeling clear, inspired and energized. Once again, something as simple as walking the shape of the labyrinth, can be so profoundly beneficial.


I spent the first part of Mother’s Day here at Thirteen Moons and it gave me some special quiet time to contemplate my role as a mother of three beautiful girls. I thought about my own mother. I thought about the love that I feel for her and I poured that love into a handmade card for her. Later when I arrived home I received 3 lovely handmade cards from my girls and I could feel the love pouring out from their cards. It was the best gift in the world.

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” – Honore de Balzac