candlelight fair

On the weekend, Jayla and I attended the annual Candlelight Fair at the Toronto Waldorf School. We have been attending this fair for several years now. My favourite part is the puppet play. This year it was an african folk tale called Akimba and the Magic Cow; a story of a poor man who repeatedly loses his magic animals through the trickery of his friend, and the friend gets his payback in the end in quite a humorous way. What a treat to hear all the little giggles coming from the front of the room at the end of the play.

Another treat for us that day was that friends of ours arrived and spent the day with us. The last we heard they were not going to be able to be there, so it was a pleasant surprise for us that they were there after all.

Many of the children’s activities are for the “children only”. No parents or guardians allowed. We big people have to wait outside the room and wonder about the magical goings-on inside. Each year I try to get Jayla to describe it in more detail. She did three activities this year: visiting with the Good Witch and receiving a cookie, walking through the magical Woodland Pond and receiving a gift from the Princess of the Pond in exchange for the gift of dewdrops from the children and shopping in the Children’s Corner.

Here are a couple of photos of the goodies that Jayla purchased in the Children’s Corner shop.

And every year we end our day in the little woods behind the school. This is where the children who attend the school play every day. What a magical place.

Now we just have to wait a whole year to do it again.


3 thoughts on “candlelight fair

  1. I want to go to that school. The building is mysterious, which I love. Tell Jayla is growing too fast. I love the picture of her (I dig the boots) on the stump. She made excellent choices in the corner shop. I would have bought the exact same things.

  2. Like Vickie, that would be the school of my dreams. What an interesting building and the play area – magical.

    Jayla is turning into quite the lovely young lady Colleen. Love Barb xo

  3. Looks like fun! By the way, we’re getting my son a jungle gym set for his birthday (turning 3 soon), any recommendations by you or the young-ens on which part of the play-set is most loved?

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