jayla and little ellie


I have been a fan of Jennifer Murphy and her adorable bears and other stuffed creations for some time now. Last fall I was drooling over her latest creations and Jayla happened to see a bear that she absolutely fell in love with. Her name was Ellie. And the funny thing is, one of Jayla’s dear friends (she lived right across the street from us) is named Ellie. It was just too much of a coincidence. I decided then and there that I absolutely had to purchase a Jennifer Murphy bear for Jayla and it had to look like Ellie bear and it would be for her 8th birthday gift. Jennifer Murphy is an amazing artist, and an even more amazing person – so kind and generous. So, she made a custom bear for Jayla working within my budget – voila “Little Ellie”.


My camera decided to take a vacation this summer; but it is working now and so I was finally able to get a few pictures of Jayla and Little Ellie together. She adores her. And so do I.

Check out Jennifer’s blog.


4 thoughts on “jayla and little ellie

  1. Yes Colleen, it’s been a while. I’ve missed you. It’s nice to see you’re back. I love Ellie but I love the little girl holding Ellie more. Hi to Jayla.

  2. this bear is soooooooo sweet. I bet Jayla just loved it. Happy Birthday Jayla with lots of love from Jayden’s mammy. xoxo

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