favourite places

For the past few days – from friday to monday – i was blessed to be able to spend some time at one of my favourite places.

Thirteen Moons


On friday I arrived for dinner and then participated in the drumming circle. If you have never been to a drumming circle before, here is a definition and explanation from the Thirteen Moons website:

“Discover the healing properties of a drumming circle! Throughout history, women have gathered in circles to drum, dance and connect with one another as a community. Drumming circles offer an excellent way for women to explore their own personal rhythms while sharing in the spirit and song of the drumming circle. Thirteen Moon’s full moon drumming circles use rhythm as a meditative and therapeutic activity. Everyone can participate regardless of musical background.”


And if dinner and drumming wasn’t enough, I spent two nights here in this beautiful space. There is something so healing about going to sleep when the day is done in total darkness – no street lights or artificial lights of any kind. Just moon light and star light. Then waking up naturally as the day brightens and to the sound of the birds singing. It seems so simple, but the healing benefits are so profound.


One of the trails leads to a labyrinth on the property, and each day I walked the labyrinth with a specific intention that I would meditate on as I walked it. Whenever I enter with a challenge or question I always come out feeling clear, inspired and energized. Once again, something as simple as walking the shape of the labyrinth, can be so profoundly beneficial.


I spent the first part of Mother’s Day here at Thirteen Moons and it gave me some special quiet time to contemplate my role as a mother of three beautiful girls. I thought about my own mother. I thought about the love that I feel for her and I poured that love into a handmade card for her. Later when I arrived home I received 3 lovely handmade cards from my girls and I could feel the love pouring out from their cards. It was the best gift in the world.

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.” – Honore de Balzac


4 thoughts on “favourite places

  1. wow sounds like a beautiful experience! I have participated in a drumming circle- it was a completely new feeling for me- very powerful 🙂

    I also am curious about walking meditations, i hear a lot about them, but haven’t walked through one myself! It’s nice to hear such a moving experience 🙂


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