nourishment :: hand sewing


On Sunday I decided that I would spend the entire day engaged in a hand sewing project (without interuption). Of course I was interupted (several times), but only for a moment or two and then I could get right back into my sewing. It was so wonderfully relaxing. I felt peaceful and happy. It engaged my body, but my mind could just relax. What bliss.

My husband took care of all the meals and the clean up was just left for me to take care of the next day (at my request). This freed me up to sew all day long and into the evening. And the best part is that it inspired two of my daughters to begin sewing projects themselves.

The repetitive motion of the needle going into the fabric is a form of moving meditation for me — in, then through, and back again. You could use this as a chant as you work. And then there was the use of the body without the intellectual mind chatter. A lovely way to still the mind, without even trying. Meditation on its own has always been challenging for me. I focus so much on trying to still the mind that I am almost “trying too hard” and it doesn’t usually work well for me. But when I use repetitive motion, especially something I truly enjoy, like sewing, then it removes this obstacle for me. Now, I didn’t achieve pure nirvana, but I did experience moments of quiet, peaceful, bliss. And it is moments like these that truly nourish my spirit.


completed autumn gnome. i purchased the kit from here.


11 thoughts on “nourishment :: hand sewing

  1. So cute! I myself do not enjoy hand sewing at all. I end up with little bits of thread everywhere and often even end up leaving needles and pins in carpets and couches (not good!)

  2. I enjoyed your comments about your difficulty in achieving meditation. I too have trouble with straight meditation but when doing something creative, I get lost in it. Nothing else exists. Getting lost in creativity moves us into the right side of the brain where creativity, fantasy, spacial perceptions, etc reside. I can sit down to play the piano and find myself there one hour later and not realize how much time has passed. It’s a wonderful place to go isn’t it??? Barb xo

  3. Last week I commented that solitude is probably my number one spirit nourishment. I would like to add that the gentle smile of a stranger is also something that nourishes my spirit and my soul. Like the saying goes ”it makes my day”. When walking along a sidewalk, in the park, on my daily walks on campus, on the beach and I cross path with a stranger and he or she glances my way and gives me one of those silent, gentle smile and nods a hello and we each go about our way – well that makes me just about the happiest girl ever. Now a days it seems that people are in such a hurry, we bump into each other without even taking notice so when one stranger comes along and directs a hello smile towards me – I sure smile back and nod a right back at ya hello.

    Make someone happy today – give them a big old smile !

  4. What a wonderful project, I love your gnome!

    I too have found crafting to be a calming outlet. I am heavily involved in my sons school and attend LOTS of meetings – I now bring a handwork project with me to meetings, this helps me to stay calm during stormy conversations 🙂

  5. Your gnome is so cute. Hand sewing can be a very nourishing activity for me to, as long as I’m not interrupted too often. That was so sweet of your husband to take care of things so that you could have the day to sew.

  6. He’s cute! It’s taken me many years to like handsewing but now I often enjoy the slow repetitive nature of it.

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