earth day clean up


Today we continued our tradition of cleaning up on the side of the road where I go for my morning walks. When Lianne arrived home from school, the three of us headed out with two carts — one for recycling and one for garbage. It was a cold, blustery, damp day and we certainly would have preferred to stay indoors, but a tradition is a tradition and so we braved the weather and did our part for our beloved planet earth. Well, our little corner of it at least.


Each year on Earth Day I always take a moment to look at my life and try and find more ways that I can make changes (even small ones make a huge difference) to be more environmentally aware and do my part to help heal our planet. There are so many wonderful ideas that I have come across recently on the internet. So inspiring.

“The earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Barry


2 thoughts on “earth day clean up

  1. This is great tradition! I trying to remember to stuff a bag in my pocket to use for the garbage I find before going on walks. There’s always something that needs picked up.

  2. Because of this aweful flu I have, I just could’nt drag myself off the couch last evening to go pick up garbage, as it is tradition at our home also. I’ll go on the weekend.

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