celebrating being fourteen


I am the one who plans all the parties and celebrations. I am certain that mothers are the party planners in most families. Once I had children, I was in charge of celebrations in my own home and I took over for my own mother as well – planning both my parents’ birthday parties and any other family get-togethers like easter, christmas, thanksgiving. You name it, I’ve planned for it. I love making lists and dreaming about what it will be like, right down to the last detail.

Until lately.

Lately I just don’t feel like baking cakes, and decorating the room and fussing over all the details. It is beginning to feel like obligation instead of fun. I think it is just time for me to take a break.

So, for Lianne’s birthday celebration yesterday we did everything completely different. I made reservations at a restaurant and I ordered an ice cream cake instead of making one. Phew. At first I felt guilty. Then I smiled to myself and let it all go. I felt tremendous relief. I could enjoy myself too, instead of playing the hostess. And it really was such fun. I’m not saying that I will never bake a cake again or plan celebrations. No, no, no. But it will be because I want to and not because I am obligated to. My heart will be in it next time. And the love will shine through.

Just like it did yesterday.


6 thoughts on “celebrating being fourteen

  1. Awww…don’t feel guilty. We all get that way. Come on over and read about my husband’s birthday. He had to buy his own cake, talk about guilt. We mamas need to take it all with a grain of salt sometimes and understand that we can’t do everything. And our families love us just the same.

  2. Congratulations to you for recognizing your inner needs and acting on them! Life is too short to be doing what others want us to do, or to do what we think others want us to do. Live life for you, and that will give you the energy and abilities to fulfill some of those other wants in ways that nourish your soul too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do hope you try a terrarium. They are lots of fun!

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