spring cleaning


Spring is a time of renewal. A time to begin again. Restore. Replenish. Revive. Recover. Re-create. Rejuvenate.

For many people, myself included, it is a time to do spring cleaning. What does this mean? Spring Cleaning. For me it means going deeper. We clean all year long, but in the spring we do a deeper cleaning. We clean in places that we don’t usually clean the rest of the year; sometimes for many years. Discovering treasures along the way. Disgarding what is no longer useful. Organizing. De-cluttering. Simplifying.

This sounds like inner work doesn’t it.

For myself, I have taken the idea of spring cleaning and applied it to myself. To go deeper – within. To places that I haven’t gone to in many years. To discover parts of myself long forgotten. Disgarding the things in my life that are no longer useful. Finding new treasures along the way.

I began physically cleaning my home this weekend and as I did I made the connection internally. And instead of just cleaning my home, I tried to nourish it as I cleaned. It made me look at my home in an entirely different light.


A place of comfort.


My sanctuary.


A source of joy and creativity.




Warm and inviting.


A place to keep my treasures.

I remember receiving some wonderful advice years ago. I was about to begin homeschooling two of my daughters. I had never homeschooled before. I had no idea what I was in for really, but I knew it would be a challenge. I contacted this woman and she gave me this advice. “Clean your house” she said. Clean my house? What did this have to do with homeschooling? But over the years I have come to realize how important this is.

When my house is clean, and organized and un-cluttered I feel more at peace. I feel like I can accomplish so much more. I feel…..well, I feel happier inside.

“Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Take care of your inner world and plant the seeds of goodness & love. All other things will fall into place.”
~ Unknown


6 thoughts on “spring cleaning

  1. Great post ~ I so agree with your comments about clutter. I love using feng shui principles in decorating my home and clutter is very, very bad feng shui. Clutter in the home (so feng shui experts say) creates clutter in the mind.

    This post almost (I did say almost) makes me want to spring clean my house. LOL Barb

  2. “Clean your house.” is exactly right. I teach second grade in a Missouri public school. My classroom is always neat and organized – clean. Well, not when they are in the middle of a project, of course. But, I’ve taught them to clean up and put away. Their parents are always surprised at how much they love it and how willing they are to help keep their classroom nice and clean. I go in some classrooms and just shudder. Clutter, mess, too much STUFF. Not in my room. People always want to know why my classroom looks so good. 1) it’s color coordinated 2) it’s clutter free

    I may post some pictures. You’ve inspired me.

  3. Your post is beautifully written Colleen and everything you say is soooooo true. When I “deep” clean our home it feels so good afterwards. Just as much outside as inside.

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