time alone


After playing nurse all week, I desperately needed some time alone. Time to re-charge. Time to just “be”. In silence. In nature. So, I was very happy that the weather co-operated and the rain held off long enough on Saturday morning so that I could go for a long walk.

It certainly wasn’t what you would call a beautiful day in the usual sense of the word; but everything was so awake and alive. The birds were chirping, squirrels were scampering about, dogs barking, cats walking the sidewalks. I could hear some children playing in backyards. And people heading outside for a walk or a drive. There was activity everywhere.

On first look, the scene around me looked so bleak. The snow was now brown and melting to reveal mud and brown grass. My first thoughts were, yuck, how ugly. As I continued my walk I started to look a little more closely and as I did I began to notice colours. And there were many. Some were a bit muted, but they were there.




Walking, for me, is like a moving meditation. I begin feeling tight and stressed and I return home feeling peaceful and vital.

Full of hope.


6 thoughts on “time alone

  1. Beautiful photos..:) I love see plants and wild life photos on blogs that I don’t see in Australia

    My Daughter wanted to know if holding the caterpillar made your hand ictchy.
    The furry caterpillars in Australia that we have come across have a sting and make you itch.

  2. I love the vibrant colors in your close-up pictures. Time Alone is not for everyone but it sure is for me (and you too :-)) I am due for a long walk on the beach.

  3. I, too, find myself aching for time alone. I adore my family, but I need time to think, to daydream, to walk. That’s my time, really. My daily walk.

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