wisdom teeth


Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? I haven’t. But this week my oldest daughter Kiera had all four of hers removed. When I saw her in the recovery room a few minutes after her surgery the first thought that came into my mind was – “she looks so vulnerable”. My poor girl. All the strength had been taken from her. She was confused and weepy and it was all I could do to hold back my own tears and pull her close to me and lend her some of my strength and support.

She is recovering now. Slowly. We are taking it very slow around our home these days. No rushing about for us. It feels good to do things at a snails’ pace and look after one another. The sedation medication is slowly coming out of her system, as we add more medications (antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories and something for the pain) back in. Her poor little body just isn’t accustomed to this kind of assault and it does feel like an assault. Yesterday she vomitted up all her morning medication; it was like her body said “no more” and released it all into the toilet. So, we are cutting back now. We are listening and paying attention to her bodies signals. We’ll introduce the medications again, but this time slowly. Slowly.

Of course, when looking after someone else, sometimes we forget to look after ourselves. My body has been giving me reminders that I need to take care of myself too. I won’t be much help to Kiera if I get sick will I? Yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and I wanted to ask for help. Who could I ask? I thought of my mother but then realized that she had already helped me so much on the first day and I didn’t want to ask too much of her. Then I thought of my husband Jean, but realized that he had already booked his train ticket and couldn’t change it and besides he was going to be working from home this friday, so he was doing what he could. I put my head into my hands and was feeling sorry for myself and then the phone rang.

It was Kiera’s boyfriend Dustin. He was calling to see if it was okay if he came over to see Kiera and to help out. You see I had quietly asked for help, and lo and behold, it was given. Within minutes. Isn’t the universe a marvellous place? I think so.

Things are much better around here today. Kiera is getting some of her strength back. No more vomitting. She has an appetite. She is resting. We are still moving very slowly. It is peaceful and quiet here.

I am grateful.


8 thoughts on “wisdom teeth

  1. OMG poor Kiera. All four taken out, ouch. Luc had two removed last August and he still remembers the pain that came after the removal. He said that the frozen peas really helped but he sure needed that pain medication every 4 hours for a few days. Have your rest Kiera (and mom to).

  2. I remember when Sebrina had her wisdom teeth out ~ poor kid, she was in agony. I hope Kiera gets well soon. Love Barb

  3. Oh, I had all four pulled when I was in high school, and I had a terrible reaction to the medication I was on afterwards. You are wise to listen to your child’s body!

    Hoping she feels better soon, mama.

  4. oh my, wisdom teeth…sigh. That was my single worst pain experience of my life. Childbirth had nothing on my wisdom teeth experience. I hope Kiera feels better soon (and continues to take things slowly). The only advice I have is to flush, flush, flush out those sockets. Infection and dry sockets are NO fun!

  5. So glad to hear that Kiera is getting better and that you received some help! Sorry I haven’t been around this week. I am also just taking it slow 🙂 Talk soon.
    Xo Seb

  6. So beautiful and I agree how a walk outdoors admiring nature brings so much peace. I love the moss photo especially and my youngest loves the wooly bear. She now wants me to make a wooly bear brooch…LOL.

  7. Poor Kiera! I had one taken out and that was bad enough, I was miserable. On the good side at least she’ll never have to deal with them again!

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