sleeping in


weekends to me are about taking it slow. sleeping in. spending time with my loved ones. savouring the details of the day. this weekend i was able to do just that, and that made it a perfect weekend for me. there was nothing extraordinary about it; just the contrary, it was “perfectly” ordinary.

– i finished a knitting project (a pair of socks for my niece) and began a new one
– as a family, we walked over to the local art gallery for a visit to see the new show
– i finished this book, and i want to start it all over again
– i listened to my new favourite song over and over again
– bought 2 seed starter trays and some organic starter mix from the local home hardware and tried to find out what the last frost date is (May 2nd or May 18th?)
– played piano
– roast chicken for supper one day and then made a chicken soup with the remains for our supper the next day (yum!)
– bengal spice tea and green & blacks dark chocolate (bliss!)


3 thoughts on “sleeping in

  1. Oooooo, you read the book. Isn’t it a wonderful read (just as all her books are). I read it once more since you were here in November. Next Winter I think I’ll read all her books ”again”. I just can’t get enough of her.

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